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"It is improbable that the Fergussons had any single common origin. As far back as we can find enough evidence on which to base theories, we notice at least five main groups of Fergusson existing independently - two in the south-west, one in Argyll, one in north-eastern Perthshire and Angus, one in Aberdeenshire - not to mention others in Balquhidder and Strathyre, in Fife, and in Ross-shire. These groups were so widely separated that they never could and, in fact, never did regard themselves as one clan in the same sense as, for example, the Campbells, MacDonalds and MaCleans of the Isles, MaCleods, Grants or Munros."
[Sir James Fergusson of Kilkerran, The Fergussons, 1956]

Knox in his History of Mayo (Ireland) tells us that O'Fergus held the parish of Burrishoole in 1303. In county Leitrim, Ireland the Erenachs of Rossinver were the Fergusons or O'Fergusas. There is good reason to believe that not all Ferguson originate in Scotland.

Consistent with the above statements, the Fergus(s)on Y-DNA Project has to date identified no less than twenty different genetic groups of men whose name is Fergusson, Ferguson or Fergus. Furthermore some of these groups are so old that they include persons of many surnames. Within those groups multiple Fergus(s)on families originate who today are no more related to one another than they are to persons of the other names that sprang from that same group.

In using DNA you are hopeful that you will closely match some other person who knows more about their line than you do yours. The data presented on specific families in the lists below are of interest because they can be traced back to specific locales in Ireland or Scotland to times that predate census and civil or statutory registration records and thus are amongst the most comprehensive of any of the Fergus(s)on genealogies. One goal of the project is to capture DNA representative of each of these locales; click a locale name in the lists for detail.

Historical locales of Scottish Ferguson cited by Clan Fergus(s)on UK
Principal locales of Irish Ferguson as inferred from Griffith's Valuation

Ancestral Map
Faris Fergus Ferris Forgie Keddie Faris Fergus Forgie Forgie Ferris Keddie